Christina Crofts Band

Christina Crofts has been relentlessly chipping away at the music scene with her guitar fuelled mix of blues/rock and country leanings and has gained significant recognition for her music. Her recent EP released the first track 'Breakaway' debuted at #1 in the AMRAP charts, was the most requested song regionally and the EP remained in the ABARAC for over 6 months.
Michael Smith has this to say about the EP…. “With a supercharged power kick-in-the-head of slide guitar, the new EP, ‘Like We Used To’, from Sydney blues-rock singer, songwriter and guitarist Christina Crofts immediately asserts her place back in the spotlight with the defiant ‘Breakaway’, a tune based on a riff originally recorded some 25 years ago by her late husband, guitar-slinger extraordinaire Steve Crofts. Having made her stand, Christina then allows her more playful side to step out with the title track, a sassy celebration of the joyous abandon of just getting out there and livin’, lovin’ and rockin’ out, and to hell with society’s crap

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