Crescent City Players

A group of Australian musicians 14,000 kilometres away have joined forces to bring a joyous New Orleans-inspired musical experience to the people of Australia. Hailing from Brisbane and calling ourselves CRESCENT CITY PLAYERS, we have been toiling away in an effort to capture the essence of the N’awlins sound, which we believe to be a perfect match for the warm climate, laidback attitude and fun loving nature of the people from this great southern land. THE MEMBERS All four members of CRESCENT CITY PLAYERS are established musicians with countless years of experience across just as many different genres of music: Paul Maloney (Keyboards, Vocals): The idea for CCP was put forward by Paul, who recognised the vitality and vibe of New Orleans music early on. He has spent the majority of his life pursuing musical interests in a variety of bands ranging from funk to blues to classic rock and synth pop. A talented multi-instrumentalist, Paul has turned his hands to the all-important keyboards position, the heart of any N’awlins outfit. His vocals take centre stage on many of the songs, bringing an authentic and soulful voice to the material. Paul has the wardrobe to go it. Dressing in the best NOLA mardi gras swag to which make the CCP shows visually fun! Justin Parslow (Drums/Percussion): With an insatiable appetite for rhythm, Justin is the engine room of the band, propelling the songs forward with an exceptional sense of ostinato syncopation and groove. Justin spent his formative years playing in jazz groups, big bands and touring, along with Triple J artist Seahorse Divorce. He has been an active teacher and educator and has been taught by masters such as Stanton Moore (New Orleans), Ben White (Memphis), Grant Collins (Brisbane), Ray Agius (North Queensland), John Morrison (Sydney). One of Brisbane’s most talented and knowledgeable drummers, Justin is a busy working musician who is always in multiple projects and bands. Collin Keeton (Bass, Vocals): Collin Keeton hails from the far away land of Texas in the USA While his dad was playing drums on tour sharing the stage with the likes of Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, and even The Clash, his mother was performing piano concertos and teaching at local universities. After a stint on piano and trumpet, Collin finally found his musical soul mate, the bass guitar! He cut his teeth gigging locally in the Dallas and Fort Worth area sharing the stage with the likes of Buddy Miles, Lance Lopez, Paul English and many other inspiring musicians. He now calls Australia home and is happy to be the Bass Sauce Ranger for The Crescent City Players! Josh Coxon (Guitar, Vocals): Josh is another “lifer”, seduced by the infectious joys and pleasures of music from a young age, he has dedicated his life to bringing those sensations to delight audiences across the land. Performing onstage non-stop for nearly 15 years, Josh’s love of music translates in his tasteful guitar playing and invigorating vocal performances. His abilities on guitar see him happy to lock into a rhythmic lick or take centre stage with a searing solo. Josh has also finished studying his masters in music technology.

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