LS Philosophy

LS Philosophy is a high energy, groove-based band with elements of funk, rock and acid jazz. It draws on influences from artists such as The Brand New Heavies, Jamiroquai and Roy Hargrove. LS Philosophy’s original sound features soulful female vocals on a bed of tight drum and bass grooves, mixed with vintage keyboards and driving guitar. A punchy horn section provides the final ingredient to this funky seven-piece. LS Philosophy brings together a group of talented musicians from around South East Queensland, each with abundant industry experience. Made up of a close-knit group of friends and family, the band members share a common goal of creating their own unique brand of music. Following up from their 2014 EP The Comeback, LS Philosophy has just released their debut album, Irrefutable. This project is a reflection of the band’s desire to push the sonic boundaries while delivering an infectious rhythmic feel.

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