Mescalito Blues

Gavin Doniger has been on the east coast music scene since picking up a guitar and hitting the road back in 1998. Since then he has toured continuously throughout Australia, and the world, collecting more foreign stamps in his passport than many bona fide diplomats.

It is Doniger’s love for the open road that inspires his music, and this is especially true for his main project, Mescalito Blues, which consists of Doniger and any number of talented musicians that Doniger discovers in his travels.

In 2005 Mescalito Blues released its debut album “Dos Cerveza” and backed it up with extensive tours. Doniger also recorded a number of solo tracks during these sessions, but before completing the album injured his hand and decided to release those tracks which had already been recorded onto a now rare EP, “The Beautiful Lady”. While most musicians take a break after injuring themselves, Doniger chose to draw a line under his current work and got creative–releasing “The Wounded Hand Recordings” in 2006.

It was with this renewed vigour that Doniger released both a Mescalito (“Album #2″) and solo release (“Waves of Grain”) in 2007, and backed this feat up with extensive touring throughout Australia and Europe in 2008/09.

In mid-2010 Doniger took his Mescalito Blues across the UK, playing at Saltash Summer Music Festival. Other Doniger tour spots included Barbican Plymouth, Half-Moon London and solo shows at The Union in Saltash. More touring followed in New York City followed by a small West Coast tour through Hollywood, San Francisco. In March 2011 two of Doniger’s tracks, “Talkin’ About” and “Point Taken” were included in the soundtrack for Dean Dingo Morrison’s DVD “A Dingo’s Tale”.

2012 through 2014 saw Gavin doing annual Summer Tour’s through Europe and Scandinavia, performing in Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Spain and France. 2015 saw him hit the road in May this time back in the USA with shows in Hollywood, San Francisco and Las Vegas – playing support shows with the LA based band Kansas City Bankroll. He also appeared at the Airlies Beach festival of Music November 2015.

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