Phil Barlow and The Wolf

Introducing the Australian band dishing out a musical feast of gritty, growling notes and tones, hooky rock riffs and flavours of funk that have fans literally howling for more and, on many occasions, throwing bras on stage - Phil Barlow and The Wolf. Currently touring their second studio album, The Awakening, a reviewer counted herself as one of the many “wannabe Red Riding Hoods in the audience,” while another recently said, “By the end of the set, I was a full blown fan-boy.” There’s no doubt these guys are leaving their mark wherever they go, including stand-out performances at Blues on Broadbeach and Mitchell Creek Rock N Blues Fest. With a dynamo combo of “The Doors’ LA Woman meets George Thoroughgood’s Bad to the Bone,” do NOT let the intoxicating, bra-liberating Phil Barlow and his wolf-pack escape your attention.

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