River City Aces

    The River City Aces was formed through public interest, and the need to fill a historical gap

    in the early jump, and rhythm & blues genres.! !

    Each member of this Brisbane based band is a high profile performer, or as we like to say,

    an ‘ace’ in their musical field. Thus, the name River City Aces was born.! !

    This ‘All Star’ line-up presents male lead vocal and harmony from 1935 to 1955, from

    greats of the era such as Louis Jordon, Wynonie Harris, Louis Prima, Ike Turner, Clarence

    Samuels, Dave Bartholomew, Bull ‘Moose’ Jackson, T Bone Walker, Fats Domino, just to

    name a few.! !

    This melting pot era shows the richness of early jump blues, jazz, and rhythm & blues, and

    how it was a stepping stone toward many of the musical styles that have evolved into their

    own distinct genres today.! !

    River City Aces specialise in bringing an event to life, with outstanding dance music,

    smooth dinner music, and high quality visual stage presence, that is attractive to all age


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