The Screaming Jets

1989 the two friends gathered another bunch of Newcastle lads to form the hard driving hard rocking Screaming Jets. Self-declared young Rolling Stones fans they were also carrying on the Australian rock traditions established by bands like AC/DC, the Angels and Rose Tattoo. By May 1980 the Jets had been signed to Roo Art, the internationally focused Australian label created by Inxs manager Chris Murphy. Following an introductory EP, the band released its debut album ‘All For One’ in April 1991 and scored an Australian top 10 hit with "Better." At the end of 1991 the band embarked on a lengthy tour of the USA and Europe.
Since the release of their second album Tear Of Thought in October 1992, The Screaming Jets have played in well over 20 countries all around the world, sacked members, lost members, scored an Australian hit with their version of Birthday Party's "Shivers," changed management and endured having their Roo Art record contract passed from distributor to distributor. Through it all, the Screaming Jets have continued to record and perform, Dave Gleeson has learned to focus his attitude in his lyrics and he and Walmsley have established themselves as a classic rock and roll singer/guitarist partnership, ala Jagger/Richards, Tyler/Perry.
In August 2017, MMM Sydney crowned “Better” as the most played single by an Australian artist in its 37 year history. “Better” has been played over 4900 times since it’s release 26 years ago.

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