4string Phil

He took a shine to the drums in his late teenage years, and for many years it was his instrument of choice. When he moved to Tasmania sixteen years ago, he met some guys who had a jam night each week; he hadn’t had a bash on the drums for years, so he turned up and got straight back into it. Then, 10 years ago, he picked up a guitar and thought “now this is for me,” but he just couldn’t get the sound he had in his head out with those six strings; so he took two off, belted out some tunes and didn't look back. The drummer in him just wasn’t happy though, so he grabbed a glue bucket (he’s a tiler) put a kick pedal and a microphone on it, then called it his stomp bucket. There have been a few prototypes, but with the one he uses now and his four-string electric and acoustic guitars he makes his own unique blues/rock sound he likes to call STOMP ROCK. He’s even had a go at making his own guitar using things like biscuit tins, pots, and even a frying pan; some have a slight banjo sound and each one is different. This year, he’s excited to come to Blues on Broadbeach for the first time ever and do what he does best.

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