The Bondi Cigars are an Australian musical institution of 30 years strong, a milestone that deserves to be celebrated.

After being part of the class of Blues on Broadbeach 2021, these crowd favourites are getting ready to take the stage once again at Blues on Broadbeach in 2022. It’s a milestone that the band have earned with grit, determination, humour, sheer bloody talent (and sometimes sheer bloody mindedness), great music, stellar live shows – and most importantly, with the support of the many fans who turn out to see them, year after year. They can still out-draw high-profile acts in many areas, a fact of which they are quite rightly proud of. The music they have chosen to play is tricky to get a foothold within Australia, but they have somehow managed to stake a place in an incredibly parochial and occasionally purist scene.

The group have had quite a few passed through the ranks, some fleetingly, some incredibly hard to get rid of, but all have made contributions one way or another.

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