Brad Palmer

Some of the best music can be found in places youleast expect as this music lover discovered during arecent Sunday market stroll.Am I hearing the soft pickings of J.J.Cale, the vocalsof Neil Young or the old blues of Tampa Red?I move closer to the source and find a small crowd infront of a lone bluesman just as he launches into afret board frenzy that impresses.This guy turns out to be Gold Coast local Brad Palmera great blues player and true rhythm master.On cue Brad reaches for his harmonica and proceedsto blow the Howlin’Wolf as the gathering crowdapplauds.It is clear that Brad is a seasoned performer.His solo sessions today is a funky and infectious countryblues rhythm with a sweet blues harmonica. His lyricstell tales from the surf highway to life on the band road.“It’s great to be back on the jumbo acoustic, I’m loving itpeople stopping by for a listen, bopping along, the MuddyWaters blues and the Django swing is what I like” saysBrad.He is passionate about his playing, songs and sound andloves nothing but keeping the blues alive on any streetcorner.Brad is now finalising his third solo recordingStreet Sessions Vol. 3 to be released early 2021. This is a rhythm and blues casserole, unique, original andrefreshing. Good stuff Mr Palmer keep that stew simmering.

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