Felicity Lawless and Black Rabbit George

Two of the Gold Coasts iconic artists – guitarists, singer-songwriters, troubadours – join forces to over their love of gypsy and flamenco rhythm. Exploring the sum of all their parts: their inspirations, their travels and their stories, accompanied by virtuosic guitar work and song. It had to happenFrom out of a hidden hinterland of Gold Coast music comes a collaboration that should have happened long ago … two flawless guitarists whose talents have at last collided in a burst of musical energy.With rhythms that explode from their love of gypsy and flamenco inspirations, Felicity Lawless and Black Rabbit George (Paul George) explore each other’s virtuoso guitar work to produce music that is even greater than their individual parts.From the wellspring of individual life experiences and travels, the pair produce astonishing unity of shared passions for the world of music, texture and sound. The result? Inspirational. Energising. Absorbing.The style? Don’t even try to categorise. But do try to imagine how really gifted musicians can seamlessly blend folk, gypsy, flamenco, classical and world music into glorious harmony.At last, two masterful iconic Gold Coast instrumentalists and singer-songwriters can be heard together – a collision of talent that just had to happen.BLACK RABBIT GEORGE (Paul A. George)You might detect a Middle Eastern influence.You might be dazzled by flamenco.You might be soothed by folk.Black Rabbit George magically brings all that and more to the stage with an unexpected musical range that both astonishes and uplifts.From the base of a collaboration with Carey Sullivan in Tijuana Cartel, Black Rabbit George has explored and mastered diverse styles of music that deliver a harmony you will find nowhere else.He is – literally – unique.The Black Rabbit honed his skills in Europe, Asia, America and now he charms audiences in Australia with his modesty while dazzling them with his guitar virtuosity.His performances become a “Must Not Miss” event around the country for all lovers of great music.FELICITY LAWLESSFelicity learnt long ago what it takes to capture an audience. And there’s little wonder in that.After all, it was only her virtuosity and sincerity that sustained her in her early days busking around Australia with just her talent to keep her fed.And, in their turn, her audiences have sustained her.From Spain’s tapas bars to the bustling Japanese live music venues, to Australian festivals, bars, Felicity has garnered a loyal base of music lovers always glad to see her return.Some see her as visionary, some a Bohemian rocker but Felicity defies classification, fusing gypsy, world, rock and folk elements in a style that is all her own.Today her musical inspiration is in full flood as an individual musician and as a deeply appreciated collaborator with some of Australia’s most celebrated musicians.

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