Frazer Goodman

My Press kit a mixture of blues, ballads, popular songs, and jazz standards, Frazer Goodman is as elegant and sophisticated baritone known for his clear pronunciation and jazz styling. His name may not as well known to the general public as it should be, but Frazer Goodman is nevertheless counted among the masters of jazz and blues singing; he has, in fact, earned the title “Goodman Blues.” His singing style, which he developed over a long and consistently successful career, contributed to his success.Having honed his skills as a singer-songwriter/backing musician on the streets of NZ, Australia, Singapore he has been entertaining crowds upon crowds with his charming personality and smooth vocals, which has been described as “timeless and soulful, yet raw and energetic”.Has featured at Broadbeach Blues 4 times as solo and band looking forward to support this great festival

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