Hamish Anderson

After a stellar performance in 2021, Hamish Anderson is making a return to the Blues on Broadbeach stage. His show is a combination of Americana, soul, pop, roots, blues and rock. That’s a lot of ground to cover in one set, but Hamish does it with a natural ease that’s far beyond his years.

The mellow (What You Do To Me, Damaged Goods) and the upbeat (No Good, You Give Me Something) tracks on his record sit comfortably next to each other; all buoyed by a knack for clever, hook-driven songwriting and a clear, burning passion that drives the music from the first strum to the last.

Hamish enthuses, “I really wanted to take my time and write as many songs as I could for this album. I wasn’t writing to a specific genre or sound, rather I let the songs reveal what they wanted to be… The album explores themes of alienation and defiance, mixed with unabashed love songs and even observations on what’s happening in the world around us. Certain songs had themes that I hadn’t explored in my writing previously. I feel I really went a lot deeper in the writing of these songs than I had ever done before. Most are universal feelings that I feel people can relate to”.

Don’t miss Hamish Anderson’s free performance this May at Blues on Broadbeach.

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