Peaches & the AlphaSonics

Peaches & The ALPHASONICS are resurrecting up-tempo, swinging Jump Blues and attracting a strong following of fans due to their authentic vintage sound. The band elevates the overlooked contributions made by black artists in the 40’s and 50’s, heralding the Rhythm and Blues, Rock and Roll and Soul music of later decades.

Envision the growls of a young Etta James and a sassy LaVern Baker, mixed with the early guitar stylings of a Guitar Slim or Johnny “Guitar” Watson and the driving, good-time rhythm of an upright doghouse bass and drums. Guitarist Josh Bambridge (Mojo Webb Band) delivers the punchy riffs that send you, whilst Hide-beater Trevor Gollagher keeps time. Paulie Burke, who coaxes out all the sounds a slap bass has to offer, has his origins steeped firmly in Rockabilly music and lifestyle. It’s from this urban subculture too that Lisl Chester defines her musical tastes for vintage Americana. This is her first foray into singing as “Peaches”, a nod to her music idol, Etta James.

This iconic and authentic band will be a show and performance that you won’t want to miss at Blues on Broadbeach 2022.

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