Sweet Talk

From Melbourne – but via the bayou – Sweet Talk produces the best boogie around and Blues on Broadbeach is ready for it.

Emerging well into the new century — but taking its cues from the legendary 1970s outfits like The Band and Little Feat — the sweet sound of Sweet Talk is undeniable. They’ve hit the ground running with the rollicking single, Superman. It’s the tale of a wild night on the streets of Fitzroy, with that bar-hopping swagger brought to life by the deep, lazy grooves of the six-piece; its atmosphere of celebration reflected in every beautifully harmonised chorus.

The big sound of Superman comes from a big team, each contributing an essential ingredient to this irresistible machine of down and dirty southern boogie. In the engine room sits Nic Symons and James Vincent Harding on drums and bass respectively. Craig Mattingley provides the honky-tonk piano, and there’s a twin-guitar assault courtesy of Soren Walker’s funky rhythms and D.M. Turner’s bottleneck slide. It’s all topped-off by the crooning of Tane Walker, who, not insignificantly, dishes up that delightfully swung rhythm on the tambourine.

One cannot underestimate the fact, however, that everyone in the ensemble contributes to every musical element. Each member grooves hard, and all contribute to the richness of the harmonies and call and response vocals. It’s evident from the first listen that this group of individual players has an intuitive connection, resulting in an overall tonal character of cohesion and power.

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