Jason Delphin

Hailing from Devonport Tasmania, 36 year old Jason Delphin’s music is inspired by a rare combination of punk, blues and jazz or some may say after hearing him play ‘cow punk’. His one-man -band style includes the use of genuine kick and snare drums, high hats, plus his signature 3 & 4 string cigar box guitars. Jason is committed to keeping it “sounding dirty” with unpredictable and improvised raw sounds. Triple J’s Chris Thompson has commented, “Jason Delphin’s music is an unpredictable dynamic fury of all my favorite elements of music. His skill and passion in every performance is mesmerizing”. Currently recording and producing his 5th album, Delphin works energetically around the East Coast circuit, playing up to seven gigs/week. He uses this time to “practice” by developing and honing in on his skills with each gig. The remainder of his work time is spent in his studio where he experiments with different instruments and works on new compositions to add to his existing body of work, which is not inconsiderable. Northern New South Wales is where Delphin calls home and playtime consists of simply enjoying living beachside with the surf and lifestyle providing easy inspiration. 2018 has been nothing short of amazing for Delphin with performances at the Forth Valley Blues Festival (Tasmania) and Blues on Broad Beach (Gold Coast). Of course his resident gigs in Brisbane at Lefty’s Old Time music Hall and Sonny’s House of Blue’s, and in Byron Bay at THE RAILS and The Beach Hotel to name a few, work to fill in any remaining gaps of time. Jason will be launching his self- produced 12 track album in mid 2018, and shortly after, will release the single Coasting Along. https://open.spotify.com/artist/4VVp2a95T52SZtuDSC2331

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