Slips & The Flamin’ Whippersnappers

Slips and the F.W.'s are an eclectic collection of musicians are locals to Blues on Broadbeach, all from the Gold Coast and Brisbane, who love to reignite the spark and charm of Old Time Jazz, Blues, Swing and Ragtime tunes.
Taking influences from Clarence Williams, Blind Boy Fuller and Spencer Williams to name a few, Slips & The F.W.'s thrive on reviving classic numbers like Everybody Loves My Baby, Dinah Lee, The Sheik of Araby and Egyptian Ella in their own unique way, and they also don’t mind “Slipping” in a modern tune here and there played in their own Vintage style which is guaranteed to make you shake a leg!
Formed by Dracula’s longtime Guitarist and Musical Director ‘David Kume’, Slips & The F.W.’s have gradually accumulated musicians to their act featuring members of the Dracula’s cast from past to present featuring: David Kume - Resonator Guitar/Vocals, Rudi Testa - Bass Guitar/Vocals, Stevie Mac - Keys, Lachlan Neate - Alto Saxophone, Ruby Clark - Fiddle/Vocals, Benjamin Winstanley - Percussion/Washboard.
After 10 years of performing 5-6 nights a week at Dracula’s Cabaret Gold Coast to over 750,000 guests spread across the board, David and Rudi are ready to retire their fangs and finally lay to rest Dracula’s resident band ‘The Spine Crunchers’ and are looking forward to being released back into the mortal light pursuing Slips & The F.W.’s as their number one priority act.
Slips & The F.W.’s are excited to bring a taste of New Orleans to the South East QLD creating a fun and exciting atmosphere at Blues on Broadbeach - it’s bound to be a hoot!

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