About TramWreck……. Formed in Melbourne at the end of 2017. Each member being freelance players for several solo/duo acts who needed players for full band performances, decided to form a 'gap' blues band to fill in free dates. A repertoire of original and left-field blues classics has now yielded, in a very short time, over 40 gigs and two EP's; 'Here's TramWreck' and 'Off The Rails' both carrying original songs. TramWreck is getting airplay across the southern states radio blues shows. Prolific songwriter/singer/guitarist Garry Allen heads the blues trio. Garry co-wrote travelling bluesman Gwyn Ashton’s recent album Solo Elektro (currently touring Europe). TramWreck is now enjoying playing its own brand of Garry's songs. Joining Garry is one of the busiest rhythm sections in Melbourne; Greg Trennery (bass) and Ian Bull (stand-up drummer/harp), both of whom have been laying the rhythm foundation for guitar virtuoso Phil Para and blues band the HouseWreckers for in excess of 200 shows. Garry’s unique writing style ranges from melodic mid-60’s style to raw energy resonator slide guitar rhythm and blues. His ability to play several instruments including brass has gifted him with a unique guitar style and sound combined with very relatable story lines in his well-crafted originals. TramWreck serves up a sensational cocktail of classic and original rhythm and blues. Unique with blues hollerer vocals and stand-up drummer. The full biog is available on our Facebook page 'About Us'

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