Blue Shaddy

As quoted by Salty from Salty Dog Blues N Roots Podcast/Radio show “In the West Australian wheatbelt, Shaddy is known as a feral cat, ‘Wild and Furious’, just like a Shaddy gig.” Western Australian four-piece Blue Shaddy are a family band that seem to fit more into one song than most do in a two-hour set. To quote The Hollies: “The road is long with many a winding turn… He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother.” (Belly), then there’s the wife (Sandy), and now, after some 17 years away from the band, original drummer Dean Wuksta back; and there you have 27 years of Blue Shaddy — fresh and ready to go. With a passionate and unwavering commitment to their music, Blue Shaddy have gained fans far and wide on their festival circuits, and this year, they will be making their eighth appearance on the Blues on Broadbeach stage. Jim McClelland, guitarist singer and main songwriter blends elements of blues, country, and rock in his writing creating a whirlpool of foot-stomping infectious energy. Taking you from a smoky, whiskey-soaked blues lounge to funky town before winding up drinking moonshine in the all-in haystack hoedown. Blue Shaddy try to involve the audience and bring them right on stage along with them for the ride. Jim will always ask, “How ya going.” (he actually does mean that), and Belly will dance like a madman on a hot bed of coals while blasting the harmonica. Sandy and Dean just sit firmly in the engine room holding it tight, leaving the brothers Jim and Belly free to explore the raw exuberance of each other’s talents as only kin can do. Blue Shaddy have independently released four albums and have been showcased in the U.S through Tin Records. In 2003, they sold ‘Howling Dog’ to MTV’s TV series ‘Wildboyz’ (season 3). The follow up to ‘Jackass’ Staring Steve O. Later on, ‘Howling Dog’ was included in Tin Records’ New Music compilation of 2007.

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