Karen Lee Andrews

Karen Lee Andrews is in possession of a unique sense of artistic purpose. Surrounded by music her entire life, Karen’s career to date has largely revolved around classic soul and rhythm and blues sounds. But in recent years, as her musicality has evolved, she’s been leaning more towards blues. Since playing at Blues on Broadbeach in 2018, Karen’s development will see a renewed artist on our stages in 2022.

The influence of soul, gospel and Karen’s Polynesian background continues to inform what she does, but the blues has come to feel more like home. The beginnings of this shift were apparent on Karen’s 2018 EP, ‘Far From Paradise’, which served as a declaration of independence following several years appeasing the expectations of a major label. Karen wrote every song on ‘Far From Paradise’ and in the process, she found not just a distinct songwriting voice, but also a vindicating artistic practice.

Karen’s latest originals take a more comprehensive trip through the potentialities of blues music than ‘Far From Paradise’, while also providing a candid expression of her personal identity. Karen Lee Andrews’ songcraft is built on a thorough knowledge of blues, gospel, and soul music and motored by an undeniable hunger to connect, yet the defining ingredient is Karen’s unshakeable artistic passion.

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