Karl S. Williams

Karl S. Williams – singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, visual artist and poet – an artist that you never saw coming. A genre defying and multifaceted musician for whom music is an urgent calling and the solution is, to love more.

What makes Karl truly remarkable is that he is unafraid – he wears his heart on his sleeve, he speaks universal truths and he crosses boundaries. This is blues, roots, folk and Americana, if you will but not as you know it. The band comprises three of the truest compadres, highly skilled and deeply individual artists in their own right, they bring the requisite sensitivity to serve the song above all else. Together they have a combined half-century of playing experience and an expansive musical vocabulary that allows them to swing from thunderous blues to delicate piano ballads and everything in between.

In concert their dynamism is infectious and uncontainable, they can make a crowd weep and they can also make them move.

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