Kim Churchill brings The Bright Night Sessions to Blues on Broadbeach

Kim Churchill brings Bright Night Sessions to Blues on Broadbeach

Kim Churchill is bringing his latest tour, ‘The Bright Night Sessions‘ to Blues on Broadbeach.

The Bright Night Sessions are all about reconnecting with all of the phenomenal, regional music communities that Kim has had the pleasure of joining over the years in Australia.

Partnering with Yamaha Australia and Undercover Creative, Kim has built a solar powered touring stage and production that can go, quite literally, anywhere. The Bright Night Sessions takes music into towns and communities, not requiring a live music venue.

A traveller as much as an artist, Kim Churchill has lived on the road for years, last appearing at Blues on Broadbeach in 2013, however it was no longer enough just to pass through; for Kim it was time to show that world in his songs.

‘After The Sun’, the warm, loping first single from a project where each song taps into the people and environments of some of his favourite parts of the world, is Kim showing the value of a new way of thinking, of writing … of living.

“I now understand the effect that the whole process of travelling has on the way I write songs and the way I create,” he says, explaining that he travelled this time intending to experience “emotional responses to a constantly changing environment” and allow that to “seep into my creative process, which has been the most liberating part of the last year of writing.”

Just as the lyrics of ‘After the Sun’ play with the idea that it’s a futile exercise to try and chase the sun, Kim saw the way nature swallowed disused buildings, art and colour and life finding their way back into these sterile, concrete structures.

“That’s really inspiring for me,” Kim says, “that the beautiful creative side to our DNA, that we just don’t understand, finds a way to come out again and again.”


Kim recently told Australian Musician “I played Blues on Broadbeach way back in 2012, 2013. I played there two years in a row and I had a phenomenal experience”.

He added “They are great supporters of up and coming blues and roots artists and you just know that if you play there you are going to see all of your friends and the opportunity to spend time with each other and play music with each other. So yes, I had a couple of really beautiful years going to that festival and it will be lovely to be back”


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