Top 5 drinks to get your Bandwidth live streaming party started

Top 5 drinks to get your Bandwidth Party started

Bandwidth presented by Blues on Broadbeach will be a FREE live streaming party featuring live music performances from some of your favourite Blues on Broadbeach 2020 artists.  All you need to do is turn up in your living room and kick back with our “Top 5 drinks to get your Bandwidth live streaming party started”.

We thought there’s no better way to enjoy this digital version of our festival, than pairing it with a serving of authentic southern-style cocktails at home.

Top 5 drinks to get your Bandwidth live streaming party started

Recommended by our friends at Memphis Tourism, here are the Top 5 cocktails that have an authentic taste of the Mississipi Delta, complete with links to the recipes

1.Mint Julep
Nothing pairs better with the quintessentially Memphis ribs than the Mint Julep. Fresh mint, maple syrup and bourbon form what is the signature cocktail of the Kentucky Derby. Tonight, with Bandwidth, we’ll be swapping out the horses for guitars. Try this awesome recipe from

Sazerac…the official drink of New Orleans. No, but seriously, in 2008 legislation passed that named this to be true. Feel like a New Orleans local in no time with this mix of absinthe, Peychaud’s butters, angostura bitters, whisky, a sugar cube, and lemon. View the recipe here from

3.Mississippi Punch
As a nod to the father of American mixology, Jerry Thomas, you better pour a glass of his Mississippi Punch. This combination of cognac, bourbon, rum, lemon, and sugar is sure to get your Bandwidth house party started. Get the recipe here from Esquire

4.Hurricane Cocktail
Prepare your tastebuds for this sweet n sour treat, the Southern Hurricane (pictured above). Use one hand to stir together rum, grenadine, passionfruit, lime and orange juice, while clicking your fingers along to the blues. The full recipe is available here, with compliments of The Southern Kitchen

5.Southern Sweet Iced Tea
So far these drinks sound like a hoot but if you want to keep this music extravaganza kid-friendly, Southern Sweet Iced Tea is the perfect non-alcoholic choice!  Try this recipe from

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